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Jun 26, 2019

This week, we talk to Chief Daniel Mills of the Portage, Michigan Police Department. Along with Retired Assistant Chief Eric Kerns of the Burlington, North Carolina Police Department, Mills has been in town since Sunday, looking closely at our own police in New Canaan. They’re here as assessors with a...

Jun 19, 2019

This week, we talk to New Canaan Athletic Foundation Chairman Mike Benevento about the organization’s efforts over the past several months not only to formalize a partnership with the town, but to sketch out—for the very first time—a detailed, sustainable master plan for youth and varsity sports facilities in...

Jun 12, 2019

This week, we talk to Grace Farms Nature Initiative Director Mark Fowler about a local effort designed to increase pollinator-friendly habitat for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and various other insects and wildlife.

Jun 5, 2019

This week, we talk to New Canaan CARES Executive Director Ellen Brezovsky, about strategies that local parents may employ in speaking to their children about the tragic case of Jennifer Dulos, a missing New Canaan mother of five.